Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 
Smartwatch (Bluetooth), 

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A distinctive steel bezel that you can rotate to access apps and notifications, strap with buckle: 2.76 inches, large strap with holes: 5.12 inches, small strap with holes: 4.33 inches .

Text, call and get notifications directly from your watch through your bluetooth connected smartwatch. Battery Charging Method - Wireless Charging Dock .

Make payments with Samsung pay almost anywhere you swipe or tap a credit card; Battery Type and Size: 380mAh Li ion .

With military grade performance, the Gear S3 resists water, dust, extreme temperatures and the occasional drop; Typical Usage: Up to 3 days .

Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones (compatible with select Bluetooth capable smartphones using Android OS 4.4 and later with at least 1.5GB RAM as well as iPhone 5 and later with iOS 9.0 and above; Gear S3 supported smartphones may vary by carrier and device; For a list of compatible smartphones and features.

Product description

Gear S3 frontier Dark Gray timeless smartwatch, combining style with the latest innovation in digital technology always on display Watch face 1.3” super AMOLED full color display. 
1 Compatible with select Bluetooth
 capable smartphones using Android
 OS 4.4 and later with at least 1.5GB
 RAM as well as iPhone 5 and later 
with iOS 9.0 and above. Not all features
 available with iOS paired smartphones.
 Gear S3 supported smartphones may
 vary by carrier and device. For a list of compatible smartphones and features, please visit samsung.com/gearS3. For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Gear S3 frontier

Stay in touch, without reaching for your phone, with the smartwatch that’s engineered for adventure. With the Gear S3, you can pay right from your wrist, track your location, and withstand any weather .

At a Glance:
Text, call, and get notifications
 directly from your Bluetooth connected watch.
Make payments with Samsung
 Pay almost anywhere you can
 swipe or tap a credit card.
The built-in GPS keeps track of 
your activity and makes it easy to share your location.
With military-grade performance
, the Gear S3 resists water, dust,
 extreme temperatures, and the occasional drop.


Additional Features:
Rotate the distinctive steel bezel to easily access apps and notifications.
Go nonstop for days on a single charge and recharge on the wireless charger.
With the built-in S Health app, track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and more.
Access the apps you use every day on your Gear S3.
Make it your own by customizing your watch face and swapping out the standard 22mm band.
Samsung Gear S3 is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Gear S3 classic:

A forward-thinking choice that offers a touch of luxury.


The Gear S3 sets you free from your phone in the most natural way. You only have to turn the bezel to respond to calls, to read messages, to go to that app you need.

Make calls freely:

You don't need your phone with you. The Gear S3 has a built-in speaker that lets you make or take calls right away on the device.
*Bluetooth model requires Wi-Fi connection and a voice call app for phone-free calls.

No need to charge every day:

With the Gear S3, you can go for up to four days before putting it down for a charge. Its battery lasts that long.
*Battery life may vary depending on usage and settings.


Get Out There

Whether you’re off-roading or exploring a new city, the built-in GPS tracks your activity and makes it easy to share your location.

Track Your Fitness

With the built-in S Health app, track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and more. Set goals, post results, and check leaderboards to see how you stack up.

Tailored to you

Make the Gear S3 your own. Customize your watch face, choosing from thousands of striking colors and designs. Plus easily swap out the standard 22mm band.
Android and iOS Compatible:
Connect your Samsung Gear S3 with both Android and iOS smartphones. Pair your smartwatch via Bluetooth using the Samsung Gear companion app to see where the freedom of Samsung Gear S3 can take you.
Samsung Gear S3 (Bluetooth) is a companion device for compatible Android and iOS smartphones, sold separately. Full connectivity functionality requires Bluetooth pairing to a wireless network-connected phone. Some features are not available on iOS smartphones. Visit Samsung's official website for details.
For best results, Samsung Pay on Gear S3 requires network connection through LTE, Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth pairing with compatible smartphone. After Initial setup, Samsung Pay on Gear S3 can make at least five transactions without reconnecting to a network.
Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 is only compatible with select cards, carriers and Android smartphones.

Customer Review

Robin Hughes
I've had this watch for over a year. It's seen heavy use in a professional kitchen. Dropped. Bashed. Steamed. Lightly roasted. Gently stabbed. It's seen it all. No scratches or cracks on the face. Just needs a quick rinse and wipe at the end of the day. Battery still lasts around two days with moderate use. Extremely useful tool to use with your smartphone. It's more rugged than the Apple equivalent in my opinion.
This watch is absolutely incredible. It's seriously almost like having a second phone. Typically when I see something advertised as "Military quality" I think its gonna be a POS that breaks in 3 months, as most equipment in the military does. But I'm military and have had this for nearly 4 or 5 months now and it holds up great for the use and abuse (given I do have tempered glass for it).

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